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18 – Apu Ausangate plus Ceremony

Hello dear readers,

we had now our second contact with Q'eros. The descendence of the Incas. I asked Donja Ines for a visit in Ausangate. She is the landlady & mom here in Casa Camacho and taking care of the breed. Yes many people are here with their problems. Be it money, drugs or other overdose of natural plants.

But coming back to our trip to Ausangate. This is a very high mountain or Apu called, because the Q'eros and mostly all old tribes, says that everything has a spirit. And this one, with the white peak, is a very strong one. We already got presented to him by Basilla. She came here to help Adri and me.

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First day, primero dia

We got up early (for us) and went with a Q'ero, the dad of the place we go, to Cuzco and further on to Ocongate. We needed to do a little detour in Cusco because Adri and I made the plan to visit finally Machu Picchu. So we needed to pay our plans. Out trip will start within this week.

But back to Ocongate. From the bus stop it took us 3,5 hours to the house of Henry. He is the son. So we arrived around noon and went with him to the market. We needed to buy vegetables and things for the trip. After this we helped to prepare a salad. Meanwhile the wife cooked a good soup and potatoes.

After this we had a small despacho, where we asked for permission to visit Apu Ausangate and made an offering to Patchamama or Mother Earth. We had a nice fire and after 2 hours we were back in their home. Finally we went to bed early.


Second day, segundo dia

The second day started at 6. We had soup for breakfast and at 7 we drove to Ausangate. Sadly the clouds were hanging deep and we saw the first glimps of Ausangate very late. But the nature and hike were both nice. We saw a lot of birds and wonderful valleys. With a lot of stops we finally reached a beautiful Lagoon in front of the Apu. Azulcocha was the name. Adri and I made our offerings to her and to the Apu. After eating, resting and waiting for a better view we had back. At the beginning of the track are hot springs and we took a long bath. When we finally went out after 2 hours, we could see the peak of Apu Ausangate. It was really amazing how high this one is. Wikipedia

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  1. Frank

    Hallo Christopher , eine wunderschöne Landschaft. Da kann man neidisch werden. Genieße alles und besprühe uns da später mit. LG Frank

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