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39 – Galapagos – Santa Cruz 2

Welcome dear readers,
as I heard the last days, a lot things at home are moving. Be it a wagon on carnival from our neighborhood or something else, I have also some news. We visited a few spots here on Santa Cruz. And again I don't want to waste your and my time, so here the short news:

1. A taxi trip on the island Santa Cruz to the following spots:
Los Gemelos (two old laver domes who fall together after releasing the load of magma. Then we had to a farm where a farmer had a good idea. Except of keeping just cows he let giant turtles free moving. This brings him from every tourist 5$. But this is it worth. You see them eating, chilling and fighting. The last stop was at the lava tunnel, that had an enormity size. Must be magma streams like them on Hawaii.

2. Snorkeling trip to Isla Pinzon:
First stop was near to a hidden beach. There we could snorkel in calm water and see a lot stuff. After that we went to Isla Pinzon where we saw more... turtles, playing sea lion babies... I will prepare videos, but uploading seems to be exhausting due to the fact of nearly no internet connection.
And now enjoy the gallery!

Tomorrow we visit the last Island! Destination is San Cristobal! Thanks for reading and have a good trip!