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40 – Galapagos – Isla San Cristobal

Hello dear readers,

now you will read probably one of the last post for traveling on this website. Tomorrow it goes back to the mainland and from then on we have 7 days left. We will stay in Guayaquil for two nights and then go back to Lima. From there Adri will fly to Cali and I have my return ticket to Amsterdam. But without being sad about this cause, it is nice to go home again. Half a year passed by so quick. Better to start now with writing about Isla San Cristobal. We discovered good and bad things here.

Day 1

We had a bumpy ride with the ferry again, but arrived save in the harbor of San Cristobal. We got the tickets again for 25$ (even if 30 is written everywhere). We are staying at hostal teroti, runned by an old couple in the late 60s. The man picked us up in the harbor and took us to his place. We have a nice room with air-condition and private bathroom. We use the same kitchen like the owners, but normally it is free for use. On the first day we went then later to a beach called Playa Punta Carola. Seeing this nice beach, we decided to come back the next day to snorkel.

Day 2

As we arrived in the morning the low tide was at its maximum and we faced just stones. It was very difficult to get in to the water. Even with snorkeling completely flat not so easy passing the rocks. But it was nice. Turtles, a big manta ray, sea lions and many fish was swimming around in the small bay. See the pictures.

Later this day we went to a beach named La Loberia. We paid a taxi driver 3 dollars to bring us there. A lot of sea lions were waiting for us. I met in the water one who seemed to play around with me. Later we found out by watching his behavior, that he is a bit crazy and not an easy fellow. 


Day 3

On the third day we went to the interpretation center to learn about the history of the islands. It was really interesting how many people appeared here to build there new home plus paradise and left soon. Sad stories included. Then we went to some lookouts and to Darwin Bay. There I snorkeled a while and had incredible tooth pain coming out. Luckily I was out before a sea lion blocked the only stairs out with chilling there. Then we went again to Playa Carola and further on to Playa Mann. In the evening we tried to replace the day of a booked tour for the next day, but it was not possible and I got a lot of pain killers to do the ride Tour 360...


Day 4

On the next day we went on a tour called TOUR 360. This specific tour takes you around the island and you stop at 4 points. First you snorkel on a nice place. The beach you enter is full of sharks. We saw a group of big sharks there. Then we walked a while and went into a really calm water to snorkel. It was a nice spot, but I needed to return a bit quicker. Since I have one tooth what went a bit crazy, I could not be longer in the water. Long time ago I had a few bad experience with dentists, painful and endless. And now the fruits are ripe it seems. Nevertheless, later this day I let it fix for the moment. I think the case is, that the water here around San Cristobal is very fresh. It seems that the Humbolt Current (cold) from Antarctica is arriving here and mixing up with the Panama Current (hot). The many snorkel sessions with the fresh water and biting on the snorkel effected my tooth to much and caused an infection.

But whatever, the next stop brought us to a nice beach. There we could snorkel or just chill and swim. I took the photograph and swim card while others went out for snorkeling. After 1 hour we went on. From there we headed to a spot to see the male "frigate" birdies with the red throat and red footed bobbies in the trees. It was hard to see from the boat, but the camera with zoom got the red boobies.

Finally we went to our last spot. It was the Kicker Rock or Leon Dormido. This place is called that way, because it looks like a sleeping sea lion. This is a famous rock to see a wonderful underwater world. Also the rock seems to be a special place and for snorkeling or diving more than good. You can dive threw a crack of this rock and see a lot things. We luckily had good weather condition and the only thing we had to do is drifting through the rock. Accepting the pain I joined the group. With the 20 degrees water it was a bit more fresh then other snorkelings and my tooth was crying after this. But it was it worth. We also invested a bit and the guide was taking for us a GoPro underwater camera to take pictures. Sadly we lost the Villain camera yesterday. Luckily we could get it back. I forget the camera at the beach Playa Mann where we eat two days before. Mucha suerte!

The last day we watched sea lions in the harbor. They are loud stinky and run over each other.Then we went to beach Playa Mann. I got now some medicine to calm the infection down. This allows me not to much sun. Playa Mann has luckily a few spots with shadow and swimming is quite good. Sometimes sea lions appear and play with the tourist. The local kids play there little fishy, sometimes bigger waves appear and they drift up the sand with the current. Funny to watch this choreography.

Day 3&5 Gallery

3-1 leaving darwin bay after snorkeling

Now that I publish this post we are already in Guayaquil and after two days organizing everything we will go with Cruz del Sur up to Lima. For 100 Dollars we are 28 hours in a bus... For Adri a little detour, because Cali seems to be 14 hours away.

Thanks for reading, have a great day,