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42 – Day of departure or the sum of the trip

Hello dear readers,

now this trip in South America ends here in Lima as planned. Adri boarded already and will land in Cali in two hours something. I have still 5 hours until my taxi to the airport arrives. So I have a bit time what wants to be used. Our last days here were very relaxing and we did just half day tours. Mostly buying souvenirs and visiting museums. The hostal 1900 was again very nice and nothing to tell happened except to say good bye to Adri. From tomorrow she will meet Lobo again and I have things to do, that cannot be mentioned now. It is a secret ... but not really and it has nothing to do with traveling or spiritualism. I got also an email that the pictures I let print are coming soon! (Tomorrow)

I want to write down now a summary of this trip. First I want to start with the time before the trip. After Columbia I went back to Germany. There I arranged a few things that had to be cleared out. Then I could not figure out what to do. Opening an own business is in Germany more than difficult and as Design Engineer of gearboxes even more. After visiting seminars I got the advise there to leave again and pause my unemployment benefit to have more time creating the business. You have to prepare a business plan very quick to confirm with the law and get free from tax for 6 month. This was the first hint to leave again. The second was that I had the promise to take at least one year for my personal development, healing and traveling. So then on short term (on the last day of payment) I signed with Adri the tour Perú Secreto Karpaypuriy from Lobo Blanco. Then I booked my flight to Peru and back for 6 month. Lucky me I could skip the winter time and come back in March as well. I have already booked a change in weather for Germany, because it seems still to be very rainy and cold. 😀

Following points I put on my list before coming here: - Learn a language (keep on going with Spanish), - Learn more about Shamanism, - Heal myself in many aspects and finally the (fun) point, visit nice places, meet good people and make awesome pictures. The most points are well done and some I need to keep on working.

First point: Learning a language

Even if I just come around with my Spanish, it is far away from perfect or making normal conversations. Without searching excuses. We had a lot to do. And since Adri was a native speaker I took advantage. But not to learn on my own, more sending her, when it came to discussions. Also because of the fact that we both are persons who like freedom, are forced to travel 24h a day together, conflict potential appeared. But this belongs to the point of healing and it is a good thing. So I need to keep going at home. I started here watching movies and series in Spanish with English or Spanish subtitle to improve the listening comprehension. Because this is one of my weak points. I am building since now out of the words I hear and understand the (for me) most logic meaning. Even it is sometimes totally away from the topic. 😀

Second Point: Traveling

I want to go on with the fun point, because the other chapters are very spiritual and not for everyone. Adri and I visited now Peru, Bolivian, Chile and Ecuador in this 6 month. We saw the most spectacular landscapes. And I was a few times surprised about the beauty that I did not expect. Mostly the 3 day trip in the Salar, Patagonian, Huaraz and Galapagos. Sure, Cusco and the Sacred Valley were also nice, but I red to much about this, to be surprised at all. Dear reader, I assure you, even if you red this blog and watched the pictures, you will again be astonished when you see this with your own eyes. Basically because you will forget the most. So two trips can be advised from me now. 1st one: North Peru & Ecuador with highlights Huaraz and Galapgaos, as well as South Peru with Machu Pichu, Salar/Uyuni and Patagonia. From April on the Airline SKY is flighing also in Peru. You have the possibility to travel cheap and quick between long distances and as I saw even cheaper then with a bus. If you need a planned good trip for South America, tell me :D. Would like to go there again. I would make a good guide when I learn a bit more Spanish. And if I am more advanced in the Nagual teachings I will present you to the Apus ;-). Haha, back to the trip. Yes it was great. Sometimes tough, sometimes hectic and unorganized but the last message is... if you find the chance to go on such a trip, go! The level of freedom, the prices are generally unbeatable.

This 6 month trip cost me around 10.000 Euros including the trips with lobo, flights and accommodation. And yes, I never took the most expensive things. In the middle range you find mostly the best cost/comfort efficiency and since I was taught on my first world trip by other backpackers I try to stay with it. We had every time good rated hostals (mainly) with private bathrooms. (Sure sometimes it was not easy for Adri, but she did it very well. :D)

Third Point: The world of Shamanism

The third point was to learn about Shamanism. This point I could fulfill a bit better then the first point. Starting with Perú Secreto Karpaypuriy we learned about the Apus, Spirits of the Elements and the "Abuelos" Grandparents. We got important information about healing and the ancestral traditions of the Andeans. Knowledge what could survive the Spaniers or Conquistadores. Another fact was that I met with Adri again. She already learned the Shamanic Dreaming in perfection and her work has many facets. Just with observing our trip it was easy to learn a lot. I will probably put a new site on the webpage, where I explain, what she is doing in examples. So you dear reader can contact me via mail and I can forward you to her if you wish. Especially when you are from Europe it could be a good idea going over me. Her work is special and I don't know anyone in Europe doing this. Also because transferring money to a bank account from Lobo cost me 45 USD. Columbia is probably more difficult because of the druggy past of the country. I will give an update when it is ready. But enough.

So we learned about the Apus of the mountains, the Apus of the Volcanos, Patchamama and how to do rituals for and with them. How to make correct Depachos is important to not get in dept with them. Without having the Nagual it seems that you can never be equal and a friendship on eyelevel. F.e. when I did my solo trip to Machu Picchu on the Salkantay Trek, on one Lagoon I talked with a guide there. He is coming from a indigenous family and told me of the Apus. The conversation started because I was throwing something in the Lagoon and he was annoyed. I explained him that I left two crystals, one for saying thank you and the great weather and another one for a tooth problem what appeared that time the first time on my trip. For me it was confirmed because there was crossing 1 minute after a duck from the right to the left swimming in the water. Also my tooth made a quick cracking sound and except of a bit more sensitive hot cold feeling it was good until Galapagos. This praying and seeing the Apus as gods is the same like the most religions do. You give your power away to another being and hope that he will heal you. So you stop acting and taking decisions for yourself. Lobo sayed once, if you want to pray to somebody, pray to yourself. Then you at least keep your energy and you probably think of a god. This point I will mention again when it comes to healing. Finally we were sure after discussing the grades of priests in the Andean tradition, that we are not thinking the same. At the Refuge on the Volcano Osorno (Chile) we learned to free our lineage. This means we release the ancestors that have lived and are still stuck in the land of the dead. Adri and I released this load from our shoulder with Apu in Equador. For crossing people the spirit of the rainbow is normally involved. And since this is a kind of live task from Adri, everywhere we went, we saw rainbows and people with tasks appeared. Be it victims of earth quakes or landslides in Huaraz, dead prisoners in Galapagos or ritually killed people in the Jungle of Columbia. Normally after seeing a rainbow it took maximum one hour until a person or information arrived totally unexpected. Yes this is Adri doing also. To write down now everything I learned is not possible and not useful for you dear reader. Even if you found this webpage and know many things, the information will find you if your interest is true. Sometimes it is necessary to make also an experience to understand it. This happened to me in a few cases.

Sure this all cannot be understand if you believe in the Big Bang Theory, Darwin's Theory and the basics of school, TV and Science. They all have just one thing in common. There is no soul and this creation here is luck and you are a piece of nothing in this great universe. My personal view deviates since I am researching in all directions. Crazy that it seems for me appropriate that we incarnate with a soul and a life plan, then keep on going with the old believes. I have really no idea what brought me exactly here. But I took now the decision to take responsibility for everything that happens to me. Even if it is disease or an accident or whatever. Somehow there must be a reason. We are just not smart enough to understand.

 F.e. Adri and I studied the teachings of Don Juan. An Mexican Shaman or sorcerer who teaches over 30 years Carlos Castaneda. This books are interesting,  funny and give a different aspect how we perceive the world. He says that we have point of understanding. If you are changing the position of this point you can perceive more and different things. But for that you need training and a lot energy. The Nagual can also change this point softly. And the easiest way is in dreams. That is probably the reason why one of Lobo Blancos teaching are the Shamanic Dreaming together with the Nagual. For me this is all possible. But to do this you need to start healing yourself and increase your energy level. Don Juan says, that we are born with two rings of energy. The first we lose when we get hurt emotional, addictions, other gods and believes... . The second one is the daily energy we accumulate. If we stuck in the same things every day we don't have the certain amount of energy, so that the Nagual cannnot show himself, or be found by other Naguales. To increase this one we have to stop with bad habits like f.e. watching excessive tv, playing killing games, gossiping or eat bad... The first one is connected to healing. Healing ancestors, old mentally injuries, fears ... where the Nagual helps, you recover this. Because truly it is difficult to remember a point when you were 5 and you felt lost and lonely. Nobody except you has recognized it and even you forgot it. So how to heal except of heaving a Nagual what shows you the source of your pain and injuries. Lobo Blanco's concept is a mix of de- and recharging energies as well as healing the wounds. For me one of the best, because just sitting down and meditation will make it difficult to find all problems.

The last Point: Healing

Now the third point, what is named the healing. This point is for me the most important one on my trip. Basically because I believe in the "Soul-plan" or whatever name would be appropriate. Main part of live is to develop your character. That means you are coming here to make experience and learn out of them. So problems, wounds and diseases appear... and your task is it not to suppress them. No you face them. The fears, old wounds, things you don't like and you try to get them under control. For me it seems that the collection of problems is the Ego. As I understood it from Don Juan, the Ego is a monster that you created and that you have to get rid of again. And it is the toughest enemy. Because the Ego don't wants to leave and knows all your wounds. The teacher of Don Juan called it the Monster with 3000 Heads. So you start chopping them down. Also here Apus can help if you use them right. Many people don't go with the system of Lobo, because sure, who wants to face his shit. Many people search for power and money.

One point of healing are the relationships you have. And I don't speak about the facebook friends. No, more the family and close friends. It is quite important to get along with these. Why? Because only in close relationships, people can hurt you or give importance. Here I could write a lot of things, but the most are not mine. So it is not fair to tell them. Just to tell you, many people stop the Nagual teaching, because at one point they have to forgive. This includes also a rape or other mistreat by family members from the heart. I was in the past different. I was also not good in forgiving. A story of a friend is also interesting. The mother left the family when the kids were between 6 and 16. Many years then the mother and the children suffered. Yes this is not nice. But it is giving the chance to overcome this situation. There are steps in life everyone does a bad decision. If there would be no honest forgiveness the world would be even a greater mess, then as is.

Healing threw learning out of situations. What does that mean? In the spiritual world are some advises. And even a movie from Hollywood ... (Eat pray love, Adri let me watch. If you would take out the kitsch of USA woman movies it would have a great potential.) is closing with these words. Everybody and every situation is there to learn out of them. So start to solve the riddle and be attentive all the time. Sort out what is good for you and what is bad.

Healing with Patchamama, Apus and the Nagual are possible. Patchamama, the Grandparents (Fire, water, wind and earth) can help you when you give offerings. How to do this you can learn with Lobo Blanco. Healing with the Nagual is different. The Nagual is your essence. It is the part of you, with all possibilities. Past, future are not depending in dreams. In this state you can do many things that people cannot imagine. Adri had many cases of Soul retrievals, Crossing people, taking out witch craft and healing with energies. It seems that there is only one exceptions, sometimes a healing is not allowed, because the person has to solve or to learn on its own. Happened to me as well, because I had also a big lesson to learn.

Finally Adri did a last Dreamwork on me and her to check our both constitution. And it seems that we both have changed a lot since we started this trip here in Peru. We went through many healings and faced many unpleasant situation. But with the mindset, that a relationship is mainly there to grown and you know that the opposite part is mirroring yourself, you can overcome many things very quick and easy. Please dear reader take this as an advice for your relationship.

The End:

Thank you for reading on my webpage. I will decide what to do in future. Because if I have to start working again, I don't get so much interesting information to post here. But lets see what will appear!

The website for Adri will show up under: Ibis Nagual. Lobo will be in Europe September and October. Also he will visit Germany. If people are interested, I am looking forward to this. Thanks!

Now I typed 2,5 hours nonstop and I think my energy level got low. My concentration is leaving me. I wish you all the best, thanks for reading, thank you Peru, thank you Ecuador, thank you Bolivia and thank you Chile