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41 – Videos of Galapagos

Hello dear readers,

now finally I want to present you a site I created. There you will find the best movies of animals and landscapes of Galapagos we took. I will add in the future a few more movies. But I am still not so good in cutting and creating videos. Probably when I am back in Germany. Here you will find the Gallery of Videos!

So Adri and I are on our last days here together in Lima. A bus ride from Guayaquil brought us here (29 hours). But with Cruz del Sur it was pretty comfortable, because this buses are equipped like air plains. Entertainment system, seats to lye down and good toilets. On the 20th the 6 month trip ends. Overall probably 10-12k Euros but with good impressions, nice landscapes and more wisdom about the spiritual world I come home. And more good is, I don't have to rework my pictures or write down my trip. Everything is saved and sorted! 

All the best dear readers, how I go on with this website is unclear! It will stay here as is! (This webpage is payed until 2022 at least. The hoster celeros I can recommend, cheap and working pretty well.)