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43 – Qamaska – El Camino del Corazón


I want to repeat a post from before. Adri helped me with the translation of the Movie from Lobo: Qamaska. For people who are not speaking Spanish at least a small help understanding the background of the Nagual. This is not everything what was said and surly not 100% correct. The information went threw the filter (personal understanding) of Adri and me. If you are able to speak Spanish follow the link to Qamaska.

Qamaska - El camino del curazon

Chapter 1: The Nagual

The Myth of the Nagual. Naguales are stars of the infinite Multiverse what is surrounding us. We are Naguales that signed in for the school of Patchamama (or Mother Earth). The planet you life on is a teaching planet. This creation is a special one, but got corrupted while running. The bad kids took over.

The energetic shape of Naguales has a structure of animals. In every ancestral tradition you find the same foundation and combinations of human and animal. But the knowledge got lost. We were put here in our world and our 3D brains. This was designed by genetic engineers and made us a jail. We are right now trapped in this world.

For thousands of years we forgot now why we are here, the origin and our destiny. Religions took advantage of the searching people and lack of information. For example if the religions would work, we would have in Asia millions of enlightened people, or in Europe. They created first class slaves, with the purpose to make them to sheeps. The sheeps are the food on an energetic level for the predators. So for thousands of years this false game is running on lies and false promises. So the first step to reach again freedom is to get rid of all old believe systems and bad habits. You have to start a journey to your inner self, to find the true nature of yourself. The heart is the place you are looking for and there you find love.

You can only archive this with your heart and Nagual threw forgiveness and the state of blessing. Accepting the past, not complaining about the present and having no expectations for the future. All the ancestral traditions know this and this is the way to the heart. The nature is part human and part animal. The essence of the Naguales had waited now a long time.

Chapter 2 What is Qamaska?

Qamaska is coming from the Qetschua language and means ... a person that had received the knowledge by himself. He is not coming from any line of tradition. So Lobo is a Qamaska and he started a normal life, engineer, owning companies... but then getting really sick and needed to find answers. The life showed him another way and he learned to communicate with the universe or his own star. He didn't ask for it, but it was his destiny. He had to come back six times from dead to understand and teach the knowledge of the stars or Naguales. He chose the name Nagual, because "stars" could make misunderstandings in the regular society.

The old tradition of shamans in Peru have for stages of initiations:

  1. Hampic Misajo - work with plants & herbs
  2. Pampa Misajo - work with Patchamama
  3. Alto Misajo - work with Apus (Spirits of the mountains), Orcos (Spirits of the land)
  4. Ricoqs - Hanan Cahua - work with the upper world, stars, universe and with the grandfathers (fire, water, wind and earth)

A white wolf told him to look for the old traditions and he found out that the knowledge is still in Peru. And not only here, also in Chile (Pijak), North America (Totem Animal), Central America (Nagual), Eskimo (Mischtapeo), Hawai (Kaumalena), China (Chia), Aborigines (Chilechile), Mongoles (Tenge), Egypto... the Pharaohs you can see on the paintings are drawn with Naguales. These are no gods! He was told that his task is to bring back this knowledge what was lost. He needs to fulfill the task and bring the connection from the North and the South, the eagle and the condor... the mind and the heart. The prophecy says that in 2012 shows up a new initiation system. This knowledge connects the middle world with the lower and upper world. That means our world where we live and the land of the dead and the universe. The initiation is pointing back to the 5th world, our origin. The Nagual was amorphous before crystallizing here on earth.

Chapter 3: The Arcons

The Arcons or chupasangre (vampires) are beings that parasite. They parasite our live energy in a subtitle and rude way. They feed from our emotions. The ancestral knowledge explains that everything is alive. Same the dead, they are not really dead, but most of us cannot see them. Dreams are also reality. With going to a church or a stadium we feed them with our emotions. Except of using the energy for us we give it away. You feed the upper world with an invented god, ascended masters, galactic federation, avatars, angels, Jesus, Krishna... the list is long. That doesn't mean that that they are not existence, but you should keep your live energy for you. Praying alone solves no problem, you have to do. You feed the underworld with your fears, fears of evaluation, fears of loosing, fear of health...having enough money at the end of live.. this is a system. At the last day of your life you will realize that you lived all your life in fears. But all the energy has been lost. If you give your emotions at the moment of death to Jesus or Buddah, they will take all the energies to prepare a new incarnation and you will come back without knowledge. So we are the milk cow of the cosmos.

We have to step out of this game and find back our hearts. But there are many tricks, a lot people try to activate there third eye and have great visions. You will leave at the end of live threw that and you will incarnate again without memory. You will not grow cosmically if you lose your energy in habits all your life. We need to recover it and give it to ourselves. We have to connect our heart, clean our Aura or Poqpo and change the smell of our energetic body. They will not like it anymore. So the Arcons loose the interest.

Chapter 4: The Initiation of the Nagual

The Initiation of the Nagual is a teaching the old traditions wait for. To connect with the heart and the three worlds. The Nagual is also a myth, because it points to the beginning of your believe in yourself. Put up a picture of yourself and pray to you. Slowly you go into you and leave all other gods, holy persons, Avatars behind and you start to believe in yourself, because your heart will open. You start being happy, even if the matrix is treating you not nice. Between love, hate, diseases and death you will reach happiness. So you find your balance. Many people think being happy is to laugh all the time, but it is to glad with the situation you are in. You will be fine, nevertheless what happens around you.

You will learn to do the right fitness or training (Muyuy) that moves your bodies. This is necessary to unblock the stress in your body. Get out the Hucha (or density) and replace it with Sami (live energy). The mind will calm down with the time. We learn to harmonize our energetic bodies and learn to clean our energy lines. It will be possible to connect with the Grandparents (Fire, Water, Wind and Earth) even without the Nagual. You open your vision to connect with nature and the magic starts.

Chapter 5: Ceremonies

For the Naguales it is very important to perform ceremonies or to get in trance. Threw ceremonies we connect with our hearts and reaching down to your cells and DNA. Using dance, sound and singing. Once you are initiated it is necessary to do it regularly. This means not, that it is not possible to connect in your dreams, but you can download a lot of information in ceremonies. How can initiated people help others? It is possible to speak in Dreamwork with dead people, spirits of diseases or with organs. You will get the direct cause for your disease. But we can also ask more spirits for help, fire, water, ... or Patchamama. We do ceremonies for them, because we also exist of them and healing will be accelerated. We talk to the Sun, Moon and the Dead. For this we have to work into our dreams. Going into a dream is like dying. You practice dying every day. So the dream was not made to recover, it was to prepare for the moment of dead. So you prepare yourself before in your Dreamwork that you will learn. You will use Pun(j)uy, the world of dreams. You open before sacred circles and invite moon, sun the grandparents. By doing so your energies get balanced.

The ancestral traditions tell us the offering, ceremonies and secret communications... this new Initiation has been manifested by centuries. The condor connects the three worlds, Ocu-Patscha or Underworld, Kay-Patscha (Middle World) Hanan-Patcha (Upper World) and brings the prophecy, connections between the north and the south. The meeting of the eagle and condor brings the change.