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Peru 2018 Gallery

Best pictures of my trip to Peru!

Hello dear readers,

my way threw Peru has a few reasons. Mainly it is like all journeys a way to do different experience, to see beautiful places, to meet wonderful people and to learn new things about life. If you have followed me until here, you see a big connection to Shamanism and Spirituality. Origin of that is my interest in knowledge. At a certain point in my life I was re-questioning the world. The beliefs, the physics, the "strange" society behavior.

Main point on my trip is to do an Initiation with Lobo Blanco Wayna Patcha, learning and start speaking Spanish. This trip will start with a unique trip to Nazcar and different holy places. Details for the start here. Have fun watching the pictures and following the rest of the blog!


Places to visit in Peru

This list is a basic table of places that are recommended by my travelbook: Quer durch Peru -> Written from two girls that are very active.

  1. Lima
  2. Paracas
  3. Ica
  4. Nazca
  5. Arequipa
  6. Puno
  7. Cuzco
  8. Sacret Valley
  9. Machu Pichu
  10. ...