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Aramu Muru & Inca Uyo – Puno

Aramu Muro is an inter-dimensional gate. Located just 1 hours from Puno. It is on physical line with Easter Islands, Tiwanaku, Cusco, Pyramids of Gizeh.... and much more (exactly 30 degrees to the equator). Our guide said it was build on the lye lines of the planet. This portal is used for connection with the universe from pre-Inca time.

We could only do a private tour, what cost us 55 dollars per person. Very expensive. It could be on purpose, that only persons come, who are really interested. And the guides that are chosen for this trip seems to be Shamans. That explains the price. He was explaining us how to meditate and how to behave at the door. Receiving the masculine (electric) and feminine (magnetic) energy of the universe. I will find out the company and the name of the guide to bring it here. if other persons with spiritual interest are following this website and traveling.

In Cusco, when I have more time, I will try to put my notes together, so that I can tell you more. But see the nice pictures. The nature was again kind and send us Hawks (Spirit of the place), Ibis and other birds (what seem to be the protectors). Don't get me wrong. When you are at a sacret place and do an offering, the spirits use the animals to give a sign. Like it happend at the Cotahuasi Canyon with Lobo Blanco. Three Condors were circling about us.

Also we visited Ica Uyo. This is a place where you can go and do an offering for fetility (Fruchtbarkeit). Cuples come here to do an offering with Shamans to help them getting pregnant. If it works, they come back two years later and do another offering. Don't get me wrong. Adri and I were not of that reasons there. 😀

Pictures of Aramu Muru and Ica Uyo

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