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Puerto Montt and Petrohue


aqui mis fotos de Puerto Montt and Petrohue.

1st glimps on the Volcano Osorno

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We took from Puerto Montt a local bus to Puerto Varas. This small town is very nice. After that we took a next bus to Petrohue. The way followed the Lake Llanquihue and a nice river until we reached the Lake Todos los Santos.

Volcano Osorno

... and here the pictures of the trip with Lobo Blanco to the Volcano Osorno. We had a refuge directly on the mountain.

Osorno from the distance


Concepcion and Santiago

After our days in the south of Chile Adri and I went to Conception. There I met Marcelo, he played with me one year Volleyball in Aachen in the 3rd division. This is probably 6 years ago. He showed us the city and brought us on the second day to a nice beach nearby. Was overall very nice and we enjoyed it.

Santiago Adri and I did it on our own.

Adri searching for shells and feathers