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Automatic registration is closed

Because of Bots in the world wide web, I don't like to do an automatic registration. If I change it... maybe. Maybe not.

I will create your Login. Just write me a mail, whatsapp or call me!

How it works?

Hello dear friends and readers,

right now my idea is to build up three different memberships.This allows you to do comments (all) and see different parts of this webpage. I will split this webpage for 3 memberships and some posts & sites about traveling will be accessible

  1. Regular view but also posting comments (Like a traveling homepage.)
  2. Family and friends with personal stuff and pictures
  3. Private information and recovery sector

I will set up all persons that wish to have access. Otherwise there is coming a flood of bots and bombing the website. Once they destroyed with 100.000 registrations my old website. Now you just write me a mail (Chris-feld(at)online.de), whatsapp or whatever and I will set up everything.