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Hello dear readers,

I will bring here now short updates as far as possible. Everyday a small update is better than doing everything at once. Isla Isabela is the biggest Island here on Galapagos and has 4 volcanos. Only 5 % of the Island is used by inhabitants and tourism. This island is nicer than Santa Cruz. Much more relaxed. But for a meal you pay minimum 6$. If you take something from the card you start with 10$. For us with low budget it is very expensive. But I found a shop with fruits and we have a bakery next door. With one warm meal we come around very well.

Planned are the following things: Snorkel Perla Cocha (free), Hike Volcan Sierra Negra (30$), Cycle Muro de las Lagrimas & Hike to Mirador Cerro Orchilla (free), Visit the Lagunas with flamingos & Snorkel Tintoreras (40$) to see sharks and stuff.

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Hello from Galapagos,

I wish you all a great day. While you were at home or somewhere else, we arrived good and safe at the Galapagos. After arriving at the airport we had to buy a bus ticket for 5 dollars, a ferry for 1 dollar and a taxi for 8 dollar each, to arrive at our hostal. This is a bit like traveling in Asia.

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Hello all,

welcome to the next post. I am writing now here in the hostal in Quilotoa 5 minutes from the rim of the volcano. The hostal we have is really nice. An oven is installed in the room and heats up the room by night (Even it is still warmer in the night here than in Germany in October/November). We arrived yesterday around midday from Banos. Taking the buses here works pretty well, even if they are not so comfortable like in Peru.

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Hello dear readers,

today I want to tell you about my experience in two main touristic spots here in Ecuador. First I want to start with Cuenca. This city is very much similar to cities in Europa or USA. At least this is what is told. And yes the weather is all the year very nice. A mix or sun and rain and never to cold or to hot. No heater and no air-condition needed. We stayed in a very nice hotel for around 30 dollars a night.

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