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How to archive health?

Everything what is written here will not replace help from a doctor (see AGB). This is my opinion and a result of my experience and knowledge. I want to bring here a shortcut of what I have learned and give hints, that everybody can research on its own. A healing has to be done on many layers:

  1. Nutrition or diet (Material Body)
  2. Move and stretch your body (Material Body)
  3. Clean your feelings ( Astral Body)
  4. Clean your thoughts (Mental Body)
  5. Solve your problems! Do not hide them or push them away.

We are here for an evolution... but not this Darwin one, we have to experience here the duality and grow with them. This is a tough world, but if you really understand the background, laws and reasons it is getting easier. You will not longer be pushed from the universe, you push yours. Sure with no harming others and a few difficulties to learn and grow. Also you will learn that felicity not comes from something outside of you. It is hidden behind a lot of problems that want to be solved. The most religions and other initiations forget this. So with growing power you need to develop your consciousness or your ego will overtake. A good example would be the Russians. After the Soviet Union failed many Russians get rich very quick. They went to Thailand or Spain and left a disaster after visiting. Even if there are many rich people in Europe they don't destroy hotel rooms because they have the money.

1. Nutrition or diet

I made good experience with the following points. Eat in the morning just fruits, especially when you are very sick. In the morning the body is doing a detox. (If you need to leave pee at the doctor you should not eat in the morning. This has a reason.) When you eat a heavy meal your body needs the energy for processing the food. Fruits bring everything to be processed on there own and are the easiest way for the body if you need a breakfast. The most people with to much weight are not eating more than others, but the body gets never time to detox (plus mentally problems).

Don't eat to much Cheese, Milk ... the western production of Milk is not healthy. The balance of Calcium and Magnesium in Cheese and Milk from cows is not made for humans. Cows have a relation from 2:1 and the milk of mothers (humans) 10:1. What is the body doing with the calcium? You will find it in your arteries and brittle bones. Also this Milk is not made for humans and with the mistreating of the cows it is very unhealthy. A raw milk from a cow in the alps or on fields could still be good. But the industrial milk seems to be waste, because the milk normally is bad after 1-3 days.

Reduce the meat, especially when it is not normally grown. Same is with fish. Try to eat three times a week until you find a good balance for yourself. But don't make a religion out of it and try to convince people, they will eat even more.

Step back from using drugs, they take a lot of your energies. But this is actual a delicate topic, because all parts of the world are drinking much Alcohol and it is a common thing.

2. Stretch and move your body

The body is your tool here in this world. He wants to be used, otherwise he will loose strength and this causes a lot of problems later. Stretch 10 minutes in the morning, do a small workout for 5 minutes and take every possibility to run or cycle. So your body stays in shape without making a heavy afford in a gym or sports club. Running a marathon or doing 2 hours fitness a day will take to much energy. The body will be satisfied with less. I will give a small workout plan out, at least what I could find out, was for me the best. But everybody should find the right thing for its own. Say thank you to your body once a day! He has also a spirit who is taking care that you archive what you are thinking, feeling and expect from him.

3. Clean your Feelings

As we already learned about our self, we have a body of feelings. But how to handle them? If bad feeling are coming up feel them and let them go. Cry, even this is not common. The Japanese people have very much problems because it is not common to show feelings. Bad feelings get less when you feel them. Good feelings get more when you feel them. Express yourself but don't attack other people. We all have problems. Every human being has it, that is why we are here. So if somebody hurts you, tell him, but don't attack or fight back. You will see if this is a person to keep in contact or not. Normally a person will then start thinking about his behavior, only a very bad person will hurt you more. But then you know, that you need to get distanced. So you also start cleaning your environment. 

4. Clean your thoughts

Because what you think that you are! Your third body is the body of thoughts. Everything you are is your believe. In the time from your childhood you start adding problems, good and bad believes as well as your daily thinking. Start getting rid of circles of bad thoughts about others and yourself.For example you think about your boss and how dump he is and then you run into a circle of bad conversation (in your mind) and come out angry. Your thoughts trigger feelings and attract other thoughts. So don't go into this kind of a spiral. And don't go angry or sad in the bed. Wait until you calm down. Don't watch bad news before sleeping, they will attract more bad thoughts. No action or horror movies before sleeping. You take them with in your dreams and can manifest something you don't like.

Then try to find out what you think over the world. Make a list of hundreds of points. Change points that are not good for you. Try to change your believe of the world. I found books in German that tell very well how to go threw this process, but I cannot write it down here. But it is really necessary that you clear all this.

4. Solve your problems

This is probably the most hard but most efficient way of healing. If someone triggers a bad feeling in you and you need to defend, look at you. What is the cause for this? Where you miss treated as a child that you attracted this problem in you life? Try to process this traumas step by step and you will find a peace in you. You will not resonate anymore with this problem. There are people who get very quick angry and some cannot be reached somehow. Also a boss seems to treat all people different. You have in a company a very good place to grow threw observing the situation. For me it was funny to see how people attracted problems every day. And every day the same.

This sounds now easy, but it is not. Why? Because that is our life task. We are here to develop our selfs. This is only possible with solving problems and it is easier with clean and good working bodies. Our time here on earth is short and we must use the time good to solve them. The Nagual is for example the best teacher, because he knows everything about you and the universe. He will help you to find the best and softest way to solve your tasks. This doesn't mean that you will have no problems, but you are always aware that you can do it. No task will come to you, that can kill you, because the world is made for growing! Take the advantage of knowing about your bodies and life and make it awesome. Felicity cannot be found outside, you have to find it behind a lot of problems! And then at some point you will be free!

Thank you fro reading this short summary. It would take a long time to describe in detail how to do it. But with this guidance you can use google or whatever to find a way of cleaning and solving. You are the middle point of your universe and everything that happens to you has to do with yourself. Take this self responsibility and I assure you, you will find more that you expect!