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Nagualism is a part of different existing ways of Shamanism. But it is for me on my trip the most important one. So it will not fill a page behind normal Shamanism.

There are two ways of Nagualism. One has been thought to Carlos Castaneda in 1960-70 from Don Juan in Mexico. For people who are searching for information about Nagualism or Shamanism overall it is a good opportunity to read. You will find audiobooks as well as pdf files in google and youtube. 

The other part of Nagualism was discovered by Lobo Blanco himself and is a teaching in a steady growing process. His teachings also depend on the people who visit the initiations and are not fixed in books. I could discover now his Nagualism and will bring basic information here. Mainly of the movie Qamaska.  As well I save my experience and details for Naguales in privacy who are visible after login.