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Nagualism – Lobo Blanco

Sooo what is Nagual and what means it to go this path?

When we speak of the Nagual, we must understand that it is a way to achieve freedom, and what does this consist of? For it consists in working all your demons, your outbursts, your anger, all your weaknesses and your limitations. Many times all these things are forces that continually bombard you to sabotage you not to search within the depths of your heart and avoid that you do not inquire into your subconscious or study yourself, everything is like a plan so you can not do it aware of your power, of finding your life purpose, your freedom and so these forces can determine what your personal history is.

The path of the Nagual is to learn to decide for yourself how you want to be and live, it is self-monitoring continuously to achieve a state of stillness and internal ammonia where you no longer have attachments of any kind, where your path is to realize that you must increase your personal energy, its poqpo or energetic body, avoiding the intromissions of entities of which we are surrounded and which what they do is feed on our Sami or personal energy.

We are in a matrix where the mind of the human being has been programmed to experience ourselves and we can fight against what we see as reality in this third dimension, we have followed that programming always looking outside what we have to look for within ourselves . Only the most daring, those who learn to listen and perceive their heart are empowered by their own energy and align themselves to the vibration of the Cosmos, developing a state of mental stillness and inner silence that allows them to move their point of perception and thus have states of accretion in all its senses, achieving there enter new realities or new worlds that have not yet been perceived.
Achieving this state of stillness, of harmony, of silence implies many things, that each one must deduce or feel in the way to go, because it is a job that involves managing the ego and all that this entails, and one of them is the to be shown from arrogance or power, and that is what many today seek and also the ancient sorcerers did.
The path of the Nagual is a lonely path, a path of much discipline and self-observation, correction of all vices or altered states of emotions, is learning to empty old patterns that have been inculcated since very young and renew them with new knowledge that let you work to increase your energy body or body (luminous cocoon) to integrate your double, or animal of power and love to your physical body, developing another state of consciousness that in turn protects your cocoon, that's when you really start a new process where you wake up, that will be your new journey and you will avoid that all those entities that you do not see but that are there feeding on your Sami, no longer interests them because you have a new flavor and they will get away from you, allowing you to leave the matrix and you will be a Multiverse traveler where there is no time or space, that will be your challenge.

Doesn't it sound great? This is a translation (google) from a text Lobo Blanco sent me. I will correct the writing when I have the time. But the basic knowledge is coming over. We have to clean and heal our self, so we will archive freedom and leave this creation!