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This website contains the information about several ways of Shamanism. This includes also mind healers, plant medicine and other different kinds. I want to keep this website free of religions.

  1. Plant Medicines (Master Plants)
  2. Spirits
  3. Energies and
  4. Dreams

1. Plant Medicines are known as Ayahuasca,  Mescalin, San Pedro ... and many more. I will start with a basic information about using plants. The use can be very dangerous. In case of a depression or not stable mind don't use master plants. Also by taking western medicines with it, it is forbidden to take. My personal view: You have to clear following points, Why do you want to take this medicine? Why do you need this experience? Do I know this Shaman and can I trust him (not just checking an announcement on the door of a bar or cafe)? 

What happens when you drink this medicines? You let in the spirit of the plant to your body. The spirit of the plant will then do whatever it thinks is necessary. A good Shaman (in case of Ayahuasca) sees what you see and helps you, if you have a bad trip. With the other Master Plants, Shamans are not able to see or help. It is your vision. As I observed it now in Peru and Columbia, the tourist are not really informed and take this drugs without background and innocent. You pay not only the Shaman, also you pay with life energy. First after taking you will feel tired but lucky. After one or two weeks all your old problems and diseases will come up again. Just want to remind you about the dead boy in the jungle of Columbia. There are also many stories about psychosis right now here in Cusco/Pisac crying for help. You open your soul to the plant and shaman. Be aware that this can be dangerous. Many Shamans now are forcing the money and tell the people that there is no or just a small risk. Comparable probably with a dentist in a big dept for his practice. Please keep this as a good warning.

Another thing that happens with all plant medicines and drugs is, that they put seeds in your Poqpo or Aura. These live from your energy and take more and more and get stronger and stronger. When they reached more strength then you, you have an addiction. Things that happen to people who take this medicine can feel for a few days very exciting and healthy, but then the old problems will come up again. You are at the stage of before, but lost energy to the plant and your money.

The tribes in the Amazons say, you should take Ayahuasca just once or twice in your life. It is for finding your destiny and finding the reason for a heavy disease. A shaman in the western society who needs money to life cannot tell you this. It is his profession and he will not get food and living from the society.

2. Spirits are a difficult topic, because everything in this world has a spirit. But there are Shamans, Magicans, Santeros and Q'eros who use this spirits. We are living in a world of giving and taking or duality. This means for everything you have to pay a price. You have to pay your healer. The healer will take the bad energies from you or will give an offering to the spirits to be helped. In all ways healing is never for free. You can pay money, with your life energy (Sami) or with your soul after death. For example Lobo Blanco was healing also people before. But he stopped, or made it incredible expensive to get no clients. Why? He overtook the diseases or just bad energies (Hucha) on his own. Sure he knows how to clean himself, but it is exhausting. Adri is doing the same and got very sick one time. But right now this is her profession and she takes more care. Santeros are dark magicians. They work with low spirits and will be slaved after death. This works very well. They get power in the life and pay afterwards. Here a story from a popular FARC leader who could stay alive long time link to CNN.  This kind of magic is from Africa and popular also in Columbia, but now coming to Europe with the "Refugees". Q'eros work with Apus of mountains, Patchamama and volcanoes. They will be also tight to the Apus when they die, even so they work with offerings and don't loose their energies instantly. Finally the magicians of the western world. Depending on the training and their decision (white, neutral or black) they follow different kinds. For example it is for the most black magician (called black when they use their power only for their benefit and harm others) not possible to gain much power. There is a simple locking system installed in everybody. So they use also entities and spirits. The white magicians are in a kind of "White Brotherhood" and trying to help the humanity with big efforts to find a better way of life. Some call them Jesus, Franz Bardon and probably Peter Fitzek... we never know. The thing is these people take a lot of pain and are incarnating every cycle to push the humanity under suffering. The neutral once don't put their fingers in this, you will never hear from them, they look like your neighbor. One of the big tasks is not to be seen different. These magicians are doing their master peace in silence.

3. Energies are a wonderful topic. As I understand Don Juan and Lobo their are two types of energies important. The first one is our own. When we arrive on this planet we bring a certain amount of energy. This we loose from time to time. It can be problems, relationships, believes, gods... The second one is Prana, Chi, Sami or just life energy what is steadily accumulated threw the chacras.

Magicans and Shamans knew how to increase these Sami very quick and can project them to patients. But also they need then to process the dark energies or Charma. This kind of healing is very efficient, but also the healer has to do a big effort. Normally the reason for a disease can be found in a person and needs to be healed by the person. Right now this is difficult, because in the western world there are no spiritual reams, spirits or life energies and diseases are genetic or just bad luck. Dr. Hamer gives a compass with his books about "New medicine" of normal diseases, what not includes the ancestors or black magic. For that you really need good healer. When Adri connects with her Nagual it seems she can handle everything. But she is bringing also a task for the people back home. The patient has to understand why this disease or problem came to him. And there we are at the dreams.

4. Dreams are very powerful and there can be done a lot. Dreaming with consciousness is what Lobo Blanco's Nagual teaching is about. Don Juan says a dreamer is a warrior! Why and how is this possible? It seems that we are here to play a game. The school of mother earth. But we forgot that we are more then our physical body. We as humans here on earth are creators and very powerful. But right now we as humanity put all our energy to the material world. So the material world seems to be the only existing. The science, school, religions, tv and newspaper gives us the range of our world, we cannot see further because the sub-consciousness is just presenting what we are used to see. But the science already now that we just see 30% the rest is filtered and also confirmed that we know probably 5% of how the universe works and less than 5% about our mind. After death experience cannot be explained. Every part of science has points that cannot be explained. So tell me what is real? In what do you believe? Isn't it naive to believe in a science world that is not proven until now?

In all old societies and cultures dreaming was established. Shamans connected with the universe to receive knowledge and make the best decisions for their tribe. If you now how to dream you learn how to change reality in the past, present or future. Dreaming is the most efficient way I found. Adri for example can just check the course of a disease and/or start with a healing if a client ask for it. The dreams with the Nagual connect the world of the death, this world and the upper world. This are not only mental or astral journeys like magicians do and learn. Please see the page Naguales for deeper information. The way of Nagualism of Lobo Blanco Qamaska here or here is to heal and recover all your parts to make your big last dance in this universe.